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At Chestysoft we offer a range of ASP and ASP.NET components as well as ActiveX / OCX controls. All our components have free trial versions available for evaluation. See below for a summary of each product and a link to full details, trial downloads and online purchase pages.

ASP Components

These are all DLL based components which are designed to run in server side ASP scripts. Many of them have functionality that can be used in other environments, particularly Cold Fusion or ASP.NET. Follow the links to the product pages for full details of each component, instruction manuals, examples etc.

We now have 64 bit versions of all our ASP components. See the product pages for details.

csImageFile - A powerful server side image component.

This component can resize, edit and join images. It supports JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, PCX, TIF and WBMP files and can also export to PDF. Use it to create thumbnails, change JPG compression quality, add text, draw lines and shapes and much more. Read and edit IPTC and Exif data. It can be used with csASPUpload to process user uploads. More...

csASPUpload - Save user uploads on the server.

This component is used to save files that have been uploaded through a browser using HTTP. Other uses include capturing uploaded images for csImageFile to edit, and saving files posted by some of our ActiveX controls. More...

csDrawGraph - Create bar charts, pie charts, line graphs.

This can create 2D graphs and stream them to the browser in GIF or other formats. A wide range of properties allow for customisation. More...

csASPGif - Create and edit animated GIFs.

This component can create and edit GIFs, including animations. It can be used to edit frames, build animations from individual images or extract frames. It can resize animated GIFs. More...

csASPZipFile - Create zip files and control downloads.

Create zip files on the server "on the fly" More...

csFTPQuick - Transfer files between servers by FTP.

This component can connect to a remote FTP server and upload or download files. More...

ASP.NET Components

The following component is specifically for ASP.NET.

csNetUpload - Save HTTP uploads.

This saves files uploaded by HTTP. It can be used to save files uploaded through our ActiveX controls and can also be used for passing uploaded images into our csImageFile component. More...

ActiveX / OCX Controls

These are all visual OCX controls that can be used in a variety of programming environments. They may be used with compiled applications written with tools such as Visual Basic or Delphi, or they may be used as client side controls in Microsoft Internet Explorer. They can be used in .NET applications.

csXImage and csXGraph are now available as 64 bit versions.

csXImage - View and edit images, scan and upload

This control can be used to view and edit images in a variety of formats. The image editing functionality is very similar to csImageFile but it is a visual control and it can be distributed with compiled applications or used client side in Internet Explorer. It also has Twain support for scanning and can upload images to a remote server. More...

csXGraph - Create and display 2D graphs.

This control creates and displays bar charts, pie charts, stacked bar charts and line graphs. More...

We have two graph components, csXGraph and csDrawGraph, which produce the same types of graphs and have similar properties. The differences are in the environments where they are used and the licence types. Refer to the product pages and instructions for full details.

Component Registration

We provide a free tool for registering DLL and OCX components. It uses a Windows interface rather than the command line, making it quick and easy to use. More...

Cold Fusion

Several of our ASP components can be used in Cold Fusion, including csASPGif, csDrawGraph and csASPZipFile.

Cold Fusion demos are available here.

Web Hosting

We can offer ASP enabled web hosting with our components installed. More...

Social Media.

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About Us

Chestysoft is based in Yorkshire in the North of England. Since 2001 we have been producing a range of commercial ASP components and ActiveX controls, including the popular components csImageFile, csDrawGraph and csXImage.

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If you have any questions about any of our products, including technical assistance, please email us: info@chestysoft.com

Please ensure that your mail server/client/filter can receive incoming mail from us if you require a reply. Our Facebook page can provide an alternative contact point, if you are able to use it, if mail is failing.

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