How to uninstall csXGraph

The installer for the csXGraph control includes an uninstaller so that the files can be removed if required. It will also remove the registry entry for csXGraph so we would recommend using the uninstaller rather than deleting the files manually. Make sure that any application using the csXGraph control is closed before uninstalling. These instructions show the text for the trial version, for the full version disregard the word "Trial"

There are two methods of uninstalling.

Method 1 - The Start Menu

Click the Start Button at the bottom left of the screen, select "All Programs" and find the folder called "Chestysoft csXGraph (Trial)". Click on this folder to expand and select "Uninstall csXGraph (Trial)". You will be prompted to confirm if you are sure you want to uninstall and must select "Yes" to continue.

Method 2 - The Control Panel

Open the Windows Control Panel. If you do not know how to do this, use Method 1 above. Select "Programs and Features" and this will display a list of the installed programmes. Find the entry named "csXGraph (Trial)". Double click this entry and then select "Yes" in reply to the dialogue box assuming you want to continue.

Both methods of uninstalling will open the uninstaller, which will execute and uninstall csXGraph.


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