This is an ASP.NET class which can save an uploaded file that has been sent as an HTTP post.

csNetUpload is a class that can extract and save the file, or files, from an HTTP post sent to an ASP.NET script. The upload could be sent using the <input type="file"> tag in a web browser, or it could be sent from a client side control, such as our csXImage, csXMultiUpload or csXPostUpload components.

The files can be saved to disk or exported in either Byte Array or MemoryStream format. The Byte Array format can be used to copy the file into a binary database field. There is a downloadable example showing this - HERE.

The MemoryStream format can be used when image files are uploaded to copy them straight into a System.Drawing.Bitmap where they can be processed before saving. The Byte Array format can also be used with our csImageFile COM object for image editing.

When csNetUpload is used to save a file upload, no additional code is needed in the form that sends the data. It is simple to use, the class is created, the ReadUpload method is called to parse the posted data, and then the file can be saved or exported. Methods are provided to find properties of the uploaded file, such as the original file name, the size and the content type.

For full instructions, refer to our online manual - HTML or PDF.

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