Uploading and resizing a JPEG image using classic ASP

This demo uses both our csImageFile and csASPUpload components. It allows you to upload a JPG image and specify some new size and compression options. After uploading it will display the reduced image, as well as some details.

The original file size is limited to 600 KB, and it must be in JPG format. Use the browse button to find a JPG image on your system.

Resize to:
Max width 150 pixels
Max height 150 pixels
Scale to 20%
JPEG Quality  90     70     50   
(high value = high quality, large file size)

In this example the image is discarded after uploading. It is not saved to disk.

View the description without uploading a file.

We have two downloadable demos that deal with uploading an image. These both show how to store the images in a database (MS Access). One demo is for use with csASPUpload only, the other also allows resizing and requires csImageFile as well.

The upload demo.

The upload & resize demo.


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