Web hosting with Chestysoft ASP components

We can offer ASP enabled web hosting on our server where all our ASP components are installed and available for use.

The components installed are csImageFile, csASPUpload, csDrawGraph, csASPZipFile, csFileDownload, csASPGif, csFTPQuick and csIniFile. Email can be sent from ASP using the CDO component or a simple email component of our own. We also have the Ciansoft PDFBuilderASP component installed for dynamic creation of PDF documents.

The basic hosting package costs 120 GB Pounds per year* and this includes up to 200 MB disk space and a monthly data transfer of up to 5 GB. Incoming and outgoing email is provided, including a webmail interface.

Web sites can be monitored in real time using the WhosOn (Web Access) software. No historical statistical analysis software is installed but we can make the log files available on request.

If you have any aditional requirements, let us know and we will try to help if we can. Additional features may cost extra. If you require hosting for more than one site we may be able to offer some discounts.

We can offer technical support to developers using our components in the same way that we do for developers buying the components. We can also provide some web site design and bespoke development to integrate our components into your web site.

Contact us for a quotation or for more information.

* VAT will be added at 20% for UK customers and EU customers who are private (non-business) users. We can provide prices in Euros or US Dollars on request.


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