Showing the Individual Frames of an Animated GIF using ASP.

This demo uses the csASPGif component. You can either paste URL into the box to load a GIF from a remote location or upload a local GIF file by using the "Browse" button and selecting a file. If the GIF contains a single frame then that will be shown.

There is also a checkbox with the option to "UnOptimize" the GIF. This displays each frame as a stand alone image. When a GIF has been optimised an individual frame is sometimes meaningless without the previous frame showing underneath. To understand this fully upload an optimised GIF and use both options to see the difference.

If using the URL, it must contain the prefix "http://" and the file must be in GIF format.

Tick if the image is to be UnOptimized.

Enter a URL to a GIF:

Or select and upload a local GIF file:

In this example the image is discarded after it is displayed. It is not saved to disk.

The example code can be downloaded but you must also have the trial csASPGif component installed for it to run as well as the trial csASPUpload. Here are the files.

Download the trial csASPGif component - (2.5 MB)

Download the trial csASPUpload component - (2.2 MB)

Download the demo scripts - (4 KB)

The demo files also include a ReadMe.txt file with a more detailed description and there is a simplified version included that reads a file from a local path instead of using csASPUpload.

Click Here if you want to view the description without running the demo.


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