csXThumbUpload - ActiveX File and Image Uploader

This ActiveX control allows the end user to select files and upload them to a remote server. Files can be uploaded unedited, or images can be edited during the upload process. Uploads can be either by HTTP or by FTP.

This ActiveX control can be used in an Internet Explorer web page to select and upload multiple files. It can be used for uploading any type of file, but it has image preview and editing capabilities if those files are images in a supported format. Supported images are BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, PSD and PCX. Files are selected using a Windows Explorer style folder view with filtering options to restrict uploads to certain file types or to limit file size.

Uploads can be by HTTP as a POST, where files are uploaded in the same format as through a web browser form. This can include uploading to secure sites (using HTTPS) and authenticated sites. Support is also provided to upload to an FTP server.

For HTTP uploads to ASP we include a free component, ASPCustomUpload, which can be used server side to save the uploaded files. For uploads to ASP.NET we include a free component, NETCustomUpload, for saving the files. Both of these are supplied as DLLs with the product download and include full documentation. They cannot be used as general upload components and will only work with csXThumbUpload. Other upload components can be used with csXThumbUpload as the uploads are in a standard format. Other scripting systems, such as PHP and Cold Fusion, can save the files without any additional components.

csXThumbUpload is an ActiveX control and can be used in a compiled stand alone application, such as Visual Basic or Delphi. An upload application could be written in this way with a very minimal amount of coding and the OCX file can be distributed royalty free for a compiled application.

ActiveX image upload, resize and preview control

A screen shot of csXThumbUpload is shown with image previewing switched on. The alternative file view is to show icons of the files. It should be intuitive for an end user to navigate their local file system, select one or more files and then click the Upload button. Once the upload starts a progress bar shows how many files have been uploaded and there is a cancel button.

Some changes can be made to the appearance, including sizes and colours, and the displayed text can be changed, to allow it to be converted to other languages.

The trial version of csXThumbUpload is fully functional but displays a message box after each file is uploaded. The full version is not restricted in this way and the uploads will continue in a loop until complete or aborted.

For uninstall instructions - Click Here.

We now have a number of products which are used in the process of uploading files. Refer to the upload products page for a comparison.