Uploading files from Visual Basic by HTTP using csXPostUpload

This demo requires Microsoft Visual Basic 6, and the csXPostUpload trial ocx control must also be installed on your system. It uploads files to a web server by HTTP so it must be used with a web server that is capable of saving posted files. The demo includes a script that can be used with the trial version of our csASPUpload component in ASP. The trial controls and project files are available below:

The trial csXPostUpload control - csXPostUploadTrial.exe (819 KB)

The trial csASPUpload component - csupt.zip (160 KB)

The example VB project, with instructions. - example1.zip (5 KB)

The VB project is very simple because it uses the csXPostUpload control dropped onto a form in its default state, and it contains most of the functionality needed for a user to select a folder on their PC and upload the entire contents. If any of the control parameters need to be set, use the Form_Load event for the VB form. The RemoteURL property should usually be set here so that the user does not have to add this.

A longer description of this demo is provided in the ReadMe.txt file included in the download.

A more advanced VB demo is available - Here. This demo hides the csXPostUpload control and files can be selected programatically.

For more on using csASPUpload to save uploaded files - Click Here.