This ActiveX control allows the end user to list the contents of a folder and upload all the files to a remote server as an HTTP post. It can also be hidden and used to upload files specified programmatically.

This control can be used in an Internet Explorer web page as a client side control, or it can be embedded in a COM enabled Windows programming environment such as Visual Basic or Delphi. It is used to automate the process of uploading files from a local folder to a remote server. The entire contents of a folder can be uploaded, or the files can be filtered by size and extension. The calling application can hide many of the settings to keep it simple for the end user. For a full listing of properties and methods read the online manual.

A simple HTML page showing how to use the control in Internet Explorer is included with the installer. We have two Visual Basic demos available for download showing how to use csXPostUpload in a simple application, and in a more advanced application where files are selected and uploaded from code.

Below is a screen shot of csXPostUpload in default format. Once a source folder is selected the available files will be listed and the Upload button can be clicked to start the upload process. The remote URL can be set by the user or it can be specified in the calling application and hidden from the user. Each file is posted as a separate post rather than grouping them all together to make an unfeasibly large upload. Form variables can also be passed but as the process is automated once it starts, these variables will have the same values for all the files in the batch. The paths are stored in an inifile on the client machine so that they don't need to be set every time the control is used.

The calling application can also specify the files to upload by name and start the upload without user intervention. In this case properties are available that will either hide the control completely, reduce it to a progress bar and abort button, or just a progress bar.

ActiveX file upload for batch automated uploading

Files uploaded using csXPostUpload need a script or cgi on the server that is capable of saving the file. The instructions explain how to save file uploads in ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and PHP. We offer an ASP component, csASPUpload, that can be used for saving uploaded files in ASP, and an ASP.NET component csNetUpload for saving in ASP.NET.

For uninstall instructions - Click Here.

We have two alternative controls for uploading that select files in a different way. csXMultiUpload uses a standard file open dialogue box to select the files. It does not allow files to be selected programmatically like csXPostUpload and files can only be selected manually by the end user, but this enables us to supply it as a digitally signed CAB file. csXThumbUpload selects files from a Windows Explorer style folder view and it can preview images and resize them before uploading and is also digitally signed. Follow this link for a comparison of our upload related products.