This ActiveX control allows the end user to select and upload files to a remote server as an HTTP post. It uses a standard file open dialogue box with multiple selections allowed.

This control can be used in an Internet Explorer web page as an alternative to the Browse button for selecting files for upload. It allows multiple files to be selected before posting them to the server as an HTTP upload. csXMultiUpload is digitally signed.

Alternatively, csXMultiUpload can be used in a COM enabled Windows programming environment such as Visual Basic or Delphi to add file upload functionality. It can be dropped onto a form and once the RemoteURL property is set it can be used with no further coding required.

ActiveX multiple file select for upload

A screen shot of csXMultiUpload (with no files selected) is shown. The Browse button opens a file upload dialogue box which can be used to select multiple files if the CTRL or shift keys are pressed. Files can be added to the control or removed and when the list is complete the Upload button starts the upload process. Each file is posted as a separate post rather than grouping them all together to make an unfeasibly large upload. Form variables can also be passed with the upload batch.

As files are selected the buttons become enabled and some status information becomes visible during uploading. Once the upload starts the Browse button is replaced with an Abort button to allow the user to stop the process.

The trial version is fully functional but displays a message box after each file is uploaded. The full version is not restricted in this way and the uploads will continue in a loop until complete or aborted.

The text used on the buttons, menus and error messages can be set as properties so it is possible to translate the control for different languages.

Files uploaded using csXMultiUpload need a script or cgi on the server that is capable of saving the file. The instructions explain how to save file uploads in ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and PHP. We offer an ASP component, csASPUpload, that can be used for saving uploaded files in ASP, and an ASP.NET component csNetUpload for saving in ASP.NET.

For uninstall instructions - Click Here.

We have two alternative controls for uploading files. csXThumbUpload provides a more visual method of selecting the files using a Windows Explorer style folder listing and the files can be shown as icons or as image thumbnails, if they are images. It can resize images during the upload process. The other selects files in a different way. csXPostUpload allows the user to select a folder and then upload the contents of that folder, with some filtering options. It also allows the developer to select files programmatically and can run without a visible interface if required. Unlike csXMultiUpload and csXThumbUpload, csXPostUpload is not signed because of the access the developer has to the user's file system. Follow this link for a comparison of our upload related products.