This is a free Cold Fusion custom tag that can resize JPG images.

CFX_JpegResize is a custom Cold Fusion tag that can resize JPG images. It takes a file from the server as input, performs a resize, and then saves the file to disk again. This tag will only work on a Windows platform.

The resize can either be by a percentage scale factor, or by specifying a new height or width. The amount of Jpeg compression can be changed if required.

The tag can be downloaded from the link below. Please read the Terms and Conditions before installing.

Download CFX_JpegResize - (169 KB)

Instructions for use are included in the ZIP file in both PDF and HTML format. These instructions can also be viewed here.

A limitation of this tag is the inability to read the dimensions of an image. We have a demo available showing how image dimensions can be read using Javascript during a file upload operation, although the technique described is not supported by most modern browsers. Click Here for more.

For more advanced image manipulation we offer a COM object, csImageFile , which supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, PSD, PCX and WBMP files. It can resize and scale images as well as perform some drawing and editing functions. There are some examples of using csImageFile in our demonstration area.