This is a .NET component which dynamically draws pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. The resulting graph can be streamed to a browser, saved to a file, or exported to a choice of .NET structures. It can be used with default settings to create graphs quickly and easily, or customised to suit your web page. Graphics formats available are GIF (with transparency), PNG, JPG, TIF and BMP.

Using ASP.NET to generate graphs makes it easy to integrate the display with the rest of your web application. The component can stream the image directly to the browser, and the script is called from inside the <IMG> tag in a web page so the browser views an image without the need for any plug-in. Generating a GIF image allows a clear image to be produced, with optional transparency. Control over colours and text styles enables you to make your charts fit in with an existing web site design.

There are a wide range of properties that control the appearance of a graph. Most of these properties can be left at their default values allowing a graph to be produced relatively quickly. The overall size can be varied, including the length and position of the axes. The total values can be shown on bar charts and pie charts. A prefix or suffix can be added to these values to display currency or other units. Text annotations can be added, and on line graphs the plotted coordinates can be used. For full details see the online manual and also our demo section.

Here are some simple examples showing graph types:

Bar Chart Stacked Bar Chart (Horizontal) Pie Chart Line Graph

A wider range of styles can be viewed in our Demonstration Area.

For a full description of all the properties, read the online manual, or view the pdf version.

We have two similar products that are available for different environments. csDrawGraph is a COM object that can be used in ASP and Cold Fusion. csXGraph is a visual ActiveX control that can be used in a variety of Windows development environments such as Visual Basic and Delphi, as well as Internet Explorer.